Our mission is to improve waste management efficiency within businesses and communities in order to minimize financial and environmental cost.
Value Proposition

Value proposition

  • Value Proposition
  • Trace and quantify
  • waste production
  • Value Proposition
  • Optimize
  • waste management
  • Operations and Budget
  • Value Proposition
  • Automate
  • waste and environmental
  • mandatory reporting
  • Waste Data Warehouse
  • Manage
  • regulatory compliance
Waste Data Warehouse
Track & Trace
Track & Trace is our waste management software: it monitors waste production, manages your waste shipments, and produces administrative and financial documents.
Track & Trace

Track & Trace
Administrative and informative management

  • Editing, monitoring and filing of waste track forms
  • Editing of the waste monitoring register
  • Editing of customized activity reports
  • User customizable chart dashboards
  • Automatic calculation of monthly projected budgets
  • Verification of consistency between costs and tonnages
  • Constitution of the mercurial indexes

Track & Trace
Operations monitoring

  • Management pick-up requests to the waste haulers in two clicks
  • Delegation view
  • Synthetic view through a calendar to edit and visualize ongoing activities
  • Automatic scheduling from your Smartphone or connected objects
  • Alert manager for unfinished activities and administrative data on waste haulers
Waste Data Warehouse
Our Waste Data Warehouse is a powerful multi-site waste management software. The software automates the gathering and analysis of data from waste haulers’ reporting data from all your sites.
Waste Data Warehouse


  • Save time and reduce your waste management costs by automating waste management control.
  • All waste haulers’ operational data regarding your premises is harmonized in an online platform to a unique format
  • Benchmark performance and detect drifts with the software using innovative patented data mining techniques.
  • Edits custom reports for internal communication and management control.
  • Master your waste management budget

Connected devices

Connected Devices
Connected Devices

NFC scanning devices & apps

Android applications developed for NFC scanning devices to centralize data collection by agents on the ground. It enables waste traceability including:

  • Source
  • Type of waste
  • Number of containers
  • Weight
  • Volume
Connected Devices

Connected weighting scales

Weigthing scales which synchronize weight data automatically in the NFC scanning devices & apps. Validation by operating agents sends the data in your waste management software.

Connected Devices

Ultrasound sensors

Sensors positioned on containers to send live data on filling levels to your waste management software.

Connected Devices


A device to manage pick-ups easily and synchronize pick-ups data in the software. The user interface includes buttons with a locking system, a marking and lights.

  • The first button initiates a pick-up request for the waste hauler.
  • The second confirms that the pick-up took place.

Connected Devices

Remote waste compactor management

Get live notification about the key parameters of your compactor such as filling and malfunctions. Monitor pick-up request from the apps.

About Trinov

About Trinov
About Trinov

Trinov uniquely combines three expertises :

  • Waste industry
  • Data mining and predictive analysis
  • Web information systems

We aim at becoming a leading global player in the waste market, by creating disruptive waste management tools.

We hold client satisfication very seriously and our flexibility has often been recognized as a key asset to our clients’ business problems and making each project a valuable success.

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About Trinov